Micro-pigmentation: Halifax Salons Offer Permanent Makeup Options

Tattoo MachineIn recent years, the demand for permanent makeup amongst Nova Scotia women has increased dramatically. Now micro-pigmentation technicians can be found throughout the province, including centres such as Halifax, Dartmouth, Sydney, Glace Bay, and Bedford.
As with any beauty enhancement, it's important to ask some questions before undergoing procedures such as eyebrow definition, permanent eyeliner, lip liner, or lip colour augmentation. There are several indicators that can help you assess the professionalism of a permanent makeup specialist.
A reputable micro-pigmentation technician will use a state-of-the-art digitized tattoo machine, such as the Noveau Contour, which is manufactured in Germany. This computerized type of pigment delivery system has many advantages over the "pen” style of machine, which rarely places the colour at the proper depth. Be sure to choose a salon that practices thorough sterilization procedures, and that gives you the option to use a topical anaesthetic, which will minimize any discomfort.
Choose a specialist who offers a wide range of colours. Some technicians have more than fifty colour options to choose from. Ask about your technician's training, and investigate the institution she or he attended. A well-trained micro-pigmentation practitioner will know that pigment reacts differently with different skin types. Some people are not good candidates for the procedures, and better professionals will be able to assess and advise potential clients of this.
Finally, consider how well you communicate with the specialist you're considering. Permanent makeup procedures are relatively simple and take very little time; the results are instant and endure for many years. But it's important to be able to communicate exactly what you desire. You may want a full and dramatic makeup, or you may need only slight, subtle enhancement in one or two areas.
Explore your options for permanent makeup in Nova Scotia. Skilled micro-pigmentation specialists can introduce you to a whole new level of beauty and convenience.
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